Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Using Technology Effectively In The Classroom - The SAMR Model

I am currently in the final stages completing my research and stumbled upon an interesting model about technology integration and how teachers can use technology effectively. I thought I would share this model with all of you so you can put into your own practice as innovative educators.

The SAMR model was developed by Dr. Ruben Puentedura and involves four stages that resemble the progression of teaching and learning with technology.

S Substitution
  • Technology is used to accomplish the same sorts of tasks that could be accomplished before the technology was integrated. 
A - Augmentation 
  • Technology is used to accomplish the same tasks completed before the use of technology, however the technology offers some sort of functional benefit over the traditional method before technology integration. 
In the stages, this is when the use of technology in the classroom "crosses the line" between using technology as an enhancement to lessons and moves towards the idea that the use of technology is transforming the lesson. 

M - Modification 
  • The technology allows for the lesson to be significantly redesigned compared to traditional tasks.
R - Redefinition 
  • The technology allows for the design of a lesson to contain completely new tasks that would be impossible without the use of the technology. 
This video describes the model in more detail. 

It is the goal of integration and implementation of technology to aim to use technology in ways that modify and redefine your lessons. Using technology in effective ways requires using it for your lessons in ways that transform your lessons into experiences that would have not been possible without it. 

In terms of iPad and iPad application use, this image demonstrates some applications that reach the higher level of technology integration use. 

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